Thursday, February 28


Shouting out all these weights and heights is so super triggering.
I've been doing so good.
And now I'm stuck comparing BMIs of all these people.
All these somehow being "normal weight" just feels too fat.

Friday, February 22

Hell in a heartbeat (Original)

She's lying in the street,
She's on a cold corner with nothing on her feet,
"A penny for sinner" on a sign in her hands,
She starts to get up, but she knows where she stands.
People pass by and walk all over her,
Like they lives matter a whole lot more than hers,
See these people are all the same,
Never listen till it's too late in the game.
It don't matter till someone's story's in the paper,
Sayin' "Look at this girl, she ain't even had a choice. If I knew her I'd a put a penny in her hand. 'Cause it's a hard life and they just don't understand."
But wasn't that the girl laying in the corner?
The one you ignored when you walked to the grocery store?
What'd she ever do to you? 
You ain't got a single clue.
You don't even have a chance,
It's already came and past.
See she was just a sinner like me and you,
She only did things that she had to do.
Did you even talk to her?
I did so I know it's true, 
She gave me her life story and
I didn't walk away without sayin I'm sorry.
She talked about a girl who she used to know,
She said she was her sister, and that she really missed her,
She said she moved away and got a life brand new.
"She had a real nice smile, so fake that you could see through."
And then it hit me,
She was talking about you.
The last thing she said before she closed her eyes and went to sleep?
"This is hell in a heartbeat."

Thursday, February 7


The thing about mind games is, I play to win. Whether it's a good thing or a bad thing, I will win. Or at least go down kicking and screaming.

So today, I'm going to take a chance and kiss this boy. He'll finally remember I exist and we'll go to prom together. I'm not letting some girl get in the way of that.

I'm Back

I haven't kept up with this for a few weeks, sorry for that. I've been busy I suppose, figuring out emotions and whatnots. I'll be on here more though <3 I promise.