Wednesday, October 23

Crap day.

Today is not starting off well. I woke up and missed sectionals because I had to retake a calculus test that I failed. While I was taking that test my teacher tells me I need to come in after school tomorrow to retake the calculus test we took yesterday, which stresses me out because I actually felt really good about that test but I guess not. Also tomorrow I'm supposed to be in four different places at once and I just can't. 

I'm supposed to be with NHS all day to paint a house for Make-A-Difference day. Which is important so I can put it on my resume so I'll look better for colleges (UT). So I can get away from this crazy town and have a good career and be able to live somewhere cool. 

I'm supposed to be at my cosmetology class from 12:00 to 7:00 which is impossible since I'm suppose to be at NHS all day, but if I loose those 7 hours I'll be even more behind on my hours than I already am which means I won't get to get my license and work in a salon, which will be a waste of two years and like $1000. Which means if I ever want to work in a salon I'll have to go to college for it (not UT med school) and I won't have enough money to pay for school or live on my own.

I'm supposed to retake my calculous test that I thought I actually passed. And taking tests with that teacher absolutely drives me crazy because I can't stand a single word that lady says and I can't take her at all. And then she makes things worse by hovering over you while you're testing and when you're working she'll stop and be like "Are you sure you know what you're doing?" which makes me question everything I've done on the test so far and freaks me out. So I have to re look over every question which wastes time and results in me failing and having to come retake it. And if I keep failing test I won't pass the course even though I have 90's on every assignment I get back. Because the tests are weighted weird and count for like 50% of your grade. And if I fail the class I can't participate in absolutely anything which means my whole high school career is worthless. Because it'll bring down my GPA and then I won't get into college ever. 

I'm supposed to be at my SkillsUSA district meeting so that I can be a part of what's going on at fall leadership, which looks great for colleges. And if I don't go to the meeting I'll be replaced but if I do go I'll get kicked out anyway for failing calculous.